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Land Surveying

Boundary Surveys


What exactly is a Boundary Survey?

If you ever need to know exactly where your land begins and ends, you will need a professional surveyor registered in Nova Scotia to perform a boundary survey. The licensed surveyor not only uses measurements from current known boundaries but also from historical information provided from the Registry of Deeds and with his/her own professional expertise.

When should I have my Boundary Surveyed?

A boundary survey should be done anytime you’re buying/selling land, building a home or adding on to your existing home. Having a boundary survey is very important because you can never be sure that the deed to the land that you’re purchasing will match exactly what is on the ground. If a boundary survey has never been done on your existing land, it might be a good idea to have one done before you extend your driveway, build a large garage on the edge of your property or any other type of construction. With a boundary survey you can be sure of exactly where your land starts and stops with no confusion or uncertainty and removes the risk of a very expensive problem in the future.

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