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Professional Land Surveying & Engineering Services in Nova Scotia

Since its foundation in 1987, CivTech is who everyone from homeowners to land developers and realtors in Nova Scotia consult for accurate land surveying analysis and engineering.

As a professional firm that values its human scale, CivTech makes it a point to focus on their clients’ needs in order to provide great, customer service. They’re also equipped and certified to provide consulting engineering services, including civil and municipal project management, and environmental services.

The firm’s one-stop approach to land surveying and engineering services, its main source of pride, is what makes it stand out from the pack.

CivTech: A Family-Focused Firm

Launched 30 years ago by Thomas Giovannetti and his father Reginald, CivTech’s team, which is made up of six dedicated professionals, is focused on providing their clients with timely land surveying and engineering services at the best rate. Having Mr. Giovannetti recognized as an expert in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, CivTech can provide insightful and valuable advice to customers from all walks of life, including:





Government agencies



Whether you need to settle a land claim dispute or looking to zone out and develop residential housing projects, or take on extensive municipal work that requires zoning expertise, call the knowledgeable land surveying and engineering specialists at CivTech.

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